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Start date 09/02/2010 
End Date  
Presenter Al Loucks (President Chain Of Lakes Association) 

General Meeting minutes July 11, 2010



Welcome to our Chain of Lakes Association


Chain of Lakes Association General Meeting minutes July 11, 2010

It was one of the best meetings we have had. The meeting was attended by Dave Cooper our Township Supervisor, Rick Miller our Clare County Undersheriff, Carl Parks our County Drain Commissioner, Bruce Lang Fire Prevention Coordinator.

First Dave our Supervisor notified us that the township bought the building on Rogers just North of Townline. It used to be Jim’s discount food and grandma’s kitchen. It’s the long building with 2 large entrance doors on the North end. It also came with 10 acres. The Township is looking into possibly moving the Township hall down to this location. Dave then went into talking about broadband wireless coming into this area possibly within a year or two.

Rick Miller Undersheriff Clare County gave us a talk about the Neighborhood Watch program. Clare County has one of the best programs in the area. We went from a high crime rate to a much lower crime rate because of participation by residents in Hamilton Township. Questions were brought up by some residents about speed on the lakes by Jet Ski’s and boats on our lakes. They are afraid that someone is going to get killed by some of these speeding boats. The Undersheriff assured them that he will have some marine patrol people here to monitor the problem, even if he has to put them in regular clothing not regular uniforms to patrol the lakes. He also mentioned to take your video camera out a take some pictures to show the marine patrol officer. He also mentioned just taking pictures or making believe you are taking pictures will slow them down.

Our County Drain Commissioner Carl Parks then gave a talk about our lakes and the levels he is trying to maintain. He also talked about updating the tax rolls which have not been updated in years.

Next was Al Loucks (President COLA) who informed everyone he had purchased the Family Community Center from Dodge City Developer (Rumsey Swallow). Mr. Swallow gave us a deal we could not turn down. The only stipulation was it had to go to a non-profit group that would help the residents of Dodge City. Al Loucks purchased the property and it was donated to the Chain of Lakes Association.

Next was Bruce Lang who gave a presentation on Fire Safety. It was quite a presentation of how to prevent fires from forest fires reaching our homes and how to keep a setback of shrubs and flowers away from our homes and still look good. It was a very good fire prevention program.

We had two by-law changes which included notifying members by email and/or newspapers. With the cost of mailing going up and emailing becoming the new way of talking to large groups of people, it was passed. The next change was, people who help the association by setting up functions, notifying people, fund raisers, cleaning beaches, cutting grass etc. Be given a 1 year honorary membership. This also was passed.

Next was Dan Burnham who gave a talk on restocking of fish in our Chain of Lakes. It was brought to our attention that we should buy some bait fish along with our restocking fish. The purpose is to use the bait fish as food for the predator fish and to help keep our restocking fish a little safer. He also would like to see some member’s volunteers to help put some fish cribs in Townline Lake. We have 6 cribs in the lake now but would like more. It was brought up also after Christmas to save your trees and put under you docks and secure them so they will not float away. These make excellent places for the small fish to hide from predator fish.

Next were Mike Lavin and Andy Dennis who talked about spraying and weed control. It was determined by Mike, Andy and the weed spraying operator. We are over spraying our lakes, what we kill is sinking to the bottom of our lakes, killing our lakes. This is what is giving us the black sludge on the bottom of our lakes. Budd Lake is in the process of trying some new pellets on the market that will eat up this sludge and clean up our lakes. We are interested in finding out the findings of this test.

Also at our Dodge Improvement board meeting we are having the weed control person, spray before each holiday or after the holidays. So when our visitors come up for their vacations they do not have to stay out of the water because it was just sprayed. Also it was passed that the Environmental Health Department will test the water for e-coli before the Holidays. They will notify the Drain Commissioner if the e-coli are too high for swimming, they will notify the members of the Improvement board and post signs if necessary. At this time all of our COLA lakes are in great condition.

Kelly Miller our Activity Director has notified us that COLA is going to have a picnic in the Dodge City Park August 7, 2010. Everyone is invited. Bring your neighbors and friends.

Al Loucks (President Chain Of Lakes Association)

If you are interested in running for office or assisting please email
Al Loucks or COLA at


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